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Zhong Hui (AU Name: Leon Zhong)

Nothing will stop me from realizing my ambition

Now, I shall prove it to you that I alone am worthy of taking everything

NAME: Leon ZhongCANON: Dynasty Warriors
AGE: 19BIRTHDATE: August 14
GENDER: MaleHEIGHT: 175 cm (5'9")
OCCUPATION: College Student & Heir to father's technology company


☆ Born in Hong Kong to a wealthy family that own a technology company.
☆ Due to being raised as the heir of his family's company, Leon's parents were strict on him and his education. Because of this, he's made nothing but A+ grades his whole life and always made honor roll.
☆ Graduated at the top of his class as Valedictorian. Once he finished high school, he wanted to study abroad to expand his horizons, this leads him to start studying in Recollé.
☆ Upon hearing that Leon will be studying abroad, Xiaolang Li's mother came to Leon's mom with the idea of sending her son to live with with Leon in hopes of improving his social skills and to give him a good chance at enrolling in Recollé's university. Leon's mother happily agreed to it, thus making him Xiaolang's official guardian.
☆ Both he and Xiaolang have been living in Recollé for about a year and they live in an apartment close by the university.


☆ In contrast to his appearance, he likes sweets quite a bit. He's not a picky eater by any means and will eat anything given to him, but he does have a slight preference towards dessert.
☆ Cannot cook to save his life. Everytime he attempts to cook, the smoke alarm turns on.
☆ Has a poodle named Jasmine that also lives with him and Xiaolang. He likes animals but is a huge dog person.
☆ Can speak fluent Cantonese and English. He also knows a fair amount of Japanese but he does stumble on words when speaking it.
☆ Enjoys video games a lot! However, due to wanting to appear like the perfect honor student, he hides his love for games and plays them in secret. Only a select few know about this.
☆ He's been taking fencing classes ever since he was young and is quite skilled in it. Since moving to Recollé, he doesn't have as much time for fencing but tries to practice whenever he can. ( Fencing Uniform )
☆ Is an only child, but views his younger cousin Xiaolang like a little brother.
This is the car he owns.



Backtagging: Yes!! It's my lifeblood and I will backtag into forever. Sometimes I may drop threads depending on if I have too much going on but if there's a thread that you want to keep and I haven't responded in a while, feel free to let me know!

Fourthwalling: For now, no! I'll reconsider when he starts remembering he's a historical figure. Possibly in the future, I would be down for history buffs to bring up Three Kingdom related facts to him. As of right now, Zhong Hui will just be like wtf if someone told him his past life is some Ancient Chinese dude.

Threadjacking: I'm completely okay with it as long as it's cool with the other party.

Mindreading: Sure but please let me know beforehand!

Offensive Subjects: I'm a little squeamish to violence so if possible, I don't want it explained in too much detail. Besides that, nothing comes to mind.

IC ☆

Physical Affection: Go for it!! He's terrible at showing affection so he would be baffled and embarrassed by it. Anything like hugging, kissing and flirting is all good with me!

Relationships: Why would you want to? ಠ_ಠ If you can tolerate him If there's development, I'm totally down for shipping bc I'm shipping trash. Zhong Hui himself isn't currently looking for a relationship but with the right build up he could change his mind. I'm open to doing both m/f and m/m ships with him. Meme/PSL ships are always cool with me too.

Physical Violence: Ask me first for any serious injuries! But feel free to punch him for being a prick because I'm sure he deserves it. I'm going to pass on killing him.

Anything else? He's a total douche. So I apologize in advance for him :l;
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